Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is D ∩ ABC non-empty, atleast?

Let A = {Things which can increase the happiness of the larger society}
Let B = {Things which I'm capable of doing well}
Let C = {Things that I will enjoy doing}
Let D = {Things I'm doing now}

ABC = A ∩ B ∩ C
(∩ denotes intersection)

Questions :

  1. Is D = ABC?
  2. Is D a subset of ABC
  3. Is D ∩ ABC non-empty, atleast?
An attempt to answer these will be in my thoughts for a few weeks from now, and possibly will be the content for my next post here.

Inspirations for the attempt were from a regrouping of few SFI comrades (TK, Naga, Biren and yours truely) at CET last week and a 2005 talk by P. Sainath titled "Globalising Inequality" which I watched yesterday.

(Similarity to the hedgehog circles of Jim Collins is acknowledged. It was Bharat who told me about them first.)