Friday, January 16, 2009

If I were a frog ...

It is long since I posted anything on this blog.

Two things are primarily keeping me busy these days. One is the course on Electromagnetic Field Theory which I'm offering for the first time and the other is a small play that the teaching staff at NIT is going to stage shortly. Further details about the play are confidential right now but will be made public (including the script and the video if possible) as soon as the play is staged.

As long as I'm in these two, I don't think I'll be able to write anything new here. Hence, in order to break a long silence, I thought I would break it by reproducing a speech that I had prepared for my 7 year old son (Nandu) two months back. The topic given to him was "If I were a frog ..."

Here it goes ...

I tried to jump with my legs;
But I couldn't ...

I tried to swim with my hands;
But I couldn't ...

I tried to open my eyes;
But I couldn't ...

Suddenly I realised. Oh! I'm in a chloroform tank.

Now I remember. I was caught in a sack when I was playing with my friends in the full moon of yesterday night. And I remember well. Because, that will be my last full moon.

Tomorrow I will lie, torn but alive, on a dissection table with future doctors of mankind looking down at my beating heart. Knowing not, what it beats for. And tomorrow's moon will see my corpse basking in the moonlight.

Respected judges and dear friends,

Thank you.
PS : He delivered it at the staff club's children's day competition and claimed first place B-)