Wednesday, April 29, 2009

rubber stamp

This is a symbol by symbol copy of an SMS that I received while at lunch yesterday after a few missed calls from the same number.

Sir, i'm (name) frm s4ec. Our value eductn prjct is 2b prsntd 2dy at 2pm. V need u 2 sign n dis rprt. V jz came 2 knw abt tat nw. Cn v gt it signd ryt nw? Wer r u? Do u hav cls nw?

I was his/her group's guide for the value education project.

rubber stamp

- noun
  1. device with a rubber printing surface that becomes coated with ink by being pressed on an ink-saturated pad, used for imprinting dates, addresses, standard designations or notices, etc., by hand.
  2. person or government agency that gives approval automatically or routinely.
  3. approval.
[Ref :]

Friday, April 17, 2009

I did not vote

... and I'm ashamed to say so.

Forgive me my fellow countrymen for not fulfilling the most important responsibility as citizen of a democratic country.

This is the first vote that I missed since I turned 18. I'm 28 now, and a Non-Resident Trivandrumite. And that's what I have become.