Friday, April 17, 2009

I did not vote

... and I'm ashamed to say so.

Forgive me my fellow countrymen for not fulfilling the most important responsibility as citizen of a democratic country.

This is the first vote that I missed since I turned 18. I'm 28 now, and a Non-Resident Trivandrumite. And that's what I have become.


Abhilash Suryan said...

Ditto here!
What a loss for the great Indian Democracy :-)

Jishnu A said...

I am not going to vote today @ bangalore as i am a Palakkadian in Bangalore territory.. Hope as recommended by election commission one day the voting will become online and i will vote for the first time!!

Hari said...

I voted! For the first time. :) The feeling is REALLY great.

I understand how much you might've missed the experience, sir. :(