Monday, July 24, 2006

Evolutionary explanations of human behaviour

The membership that i took very recently at the British Council Library was first put to use in borrowing this book by John Cartwright.

A very informative and readable book that I would recommend to any one wondering why humans behave the way they do most of the time. I warn you, that it might let you down; especially if you are a person who believes that there is a purpose to life.

Two lines from the book that stayed back with me

One awesome implication of Darwinism, that many find difficult to stomach, is that there is no ultimate purpose, design or destiny to the natural world. Natural selection is not driving life to any purticular end or goal, although it is capable of producing intelligent beings such as ourselves wo can worry about this.


Jishnu A said...

Try reading slefish gene by richard dawkin.. it may change your whole philosophy about life..

Deepak said...

Ya i'll try it. The idea of gene competetions was first communicated to me by partho in one of the concern meetings at IISc. Then i did some research through wikipedia and google. But it was the first time that i laid hands on a full book on the subject.

akhil said...

yeah, sir, i'd certainly go with jishnu on this, it's one amazing book. read it first when i was in 11th.

one book you wouldn't regret reading ... sure :)

nsiyer said...

If "selfish gene" would change your philosophy of life, "the blind watchmaker" by dawkins would turn it upside down ! Give it a try, its available in British Library TVM.

anoopne said...

i would also go with the other two , read the selfish gene.its a classic