Friday, June 08, 2007

Humanly Impossible

Another batch of my students had their last and final B.Tech theory exam today. Its my third batch of students passing out. At the principal's office I met three of them who were there to discuss with him about giving a memorandum for liberal valuation of some of the papers.

What are the top N reasons why students fail in engineering colleges now?

  1. Sir, the valuation was very tough. There are cases of students who have failed to score 40 marks inspite of having written more than 40 pages.
    My comment : Unacceptable
  2. Sir, the question paper had so many problems. We were thorough with the theory but we couldn't do any of the problems.
    My comment : Unbelievable.
  3. Sir, in the programming lab we were asked to write our own programs. We had studied all the programs in our lab record, but the examiner was not ready to ask any of them.
    My comment : Injustice.
  4. Sir, only some one who knows what we studied in S3 could answer those questions in the S5 paper.
    My comment : Unethical.
But today, from those three at the principal's office, i heard a very strange reason on why the S8 Artificial Neural Network exam was tough.
Sir, we needed to think as well as write.
My comment : Humanly Impossible


Hari said...

Sir... Kewl one there! [:)]... Great post... and about the NEural Networks... The various notations used were too confusing .. and so were the different names used in the question paper! We weren't familiar with the various new terms like.. "Guaey Patterns" Grossberg layer and all!

josh said...

well....i suppose some mention cud also be made of how the 2006 EC batch lost sleep over the VHDL S7 paper

Manas said...

Thats gud sir.
Atleast we have something IMPOSSIBLE.
Wish HITLER was Alive.