Monday, June 11, 2007

Fixing broken glass

Glassroom, my website, was shattered by a server crash. Every meaning was lost because the meaning was not in the individual bits and pieces of the glassware but in their sequence and structure.

The list of losses is big.

  1. The user accounts of all.
  2. All the stories posted so far and the comments to them.
  3. All the configurations and tweaks that I had done.
  4. ...

But not always do losses strike me quantitatively (read "as an enumerated list"). How this loss strikes me is as the loss of shared memory of a community. A case of Traumatic Amnesia.

But the community has to survive. Please join in folks (create new accounts) and start talking (posting stories and comments).

I will also try and add a feed from glassroom onto the sidebar of this blog.


സജിത്ത്|Sajith VK said...

So, backup now.... at least...

nasia said...

Me never knew about this..
Dont worry sir, we wil get it all goin back.. in blog spot.. so cheer up!