Saturday, December 29, 2007

What does it take to 'write'?

To me, 'writing' is a conversation with you. You are an infinitely patient and positively criticizing listener.

Before publishing any of my sentences to the world, I discuss it with you as long as it takes for it to reach a level of clarity and impact. Writing, many a times, turns out to be a process of crystallization of vague thoughts into a clear structure. And I like it that way. I loose the joy of writing if I wait till the crystallization is complete in thought. And we share the innate joy of watching an idea crystallizing into a sentence.

I like to be with you only when we have a room all for ourselves and I don't have any imminent deadlines to meet. I never take you along when I go out for work or to party. I don't tell you good bye when I leave and never tell you when I'll be back. I never call you when I'm out, or answer your calls. But you don't complain.

In fact you never complain. That's according to me your worst habit and that's the reason I love you most and that's the reason I write so less, and thats the reason I enjoy writing the most.

I know that you are nothing but a ghost of my own creation. But I can never believe so. At least, not when I'm writing.


DivyaNN said...

Beautiful blog!

Jishnu A said...

at least for me writing and blogging are same as thats all when i write!!

Deepak said...

Thats the case with me too.
Writing = Blogging.

nasia said...

:-) wow!