Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love in the time of Chickenpox

In fact it was a rediscovering of a love - my love affair with solitude. Ramuvettan told me right when the blisters on my back were confirmed to be those of Chickenpox - "It will be a time to recollect yourself." After a painful stretch of three days when my eyes were also ordered to rest, things suddenly changed. Rest of the fortnight was bliss. This is the summary -

  • ഖസാകിന്റെ ഇതിഹാസം (The epic of Khasakh) - O. V. Vijayan
  • The Unbearable Lightness of being - Milan Kundera (It was abandoned midway a few months back)
  • ബോബനും മോളിയും - ലക്കം 15 (Boban and Molly, Volume 15) - Toms
  • മിണ്ടാപ്പെണ്ണു (Mindapennu) - Uroob.
  • 19, കനാല് റോഡ് (19, Canal Road) - Sreebala K. Menon
  • Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins (One-third way through)
  • Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis - G. F. Simmons (Part I)
Other things that made the pox-time special was that it was the first time my wife got a chance to play the role of the master and caretaker.

Even at the cost of a few days of leave without pay and a few permanent pits in the skin, a chickenpox vacation is worth availing.


charakan said...

Good that you enjoyed the holidays thanks to Chicken pox.Did you take anti viral medicine?

Abhilash said...

And the 'sad' part is that one can avail it only once in a life time, unless the virus takes a special liking in you and revisit :-)

Deepak said...

@Charakan : Thanks for the wishes. I took the antiviral tablets 800mg X 5 tablets a day for 5 days. And also applied ointment of the same at all blisters that my carelessness burst. I'm a firm believer in modern medicine.

@Abhilash : Very true. And very few other viruses have such an aesthetic sense of human time.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Well nice to know that someone can find productive ways of getting on with Chicken Pox. I'd a friend who had got chicken pox while on HONEYMOON in Singapore and got stuck in an unknown country with her newlywed husband and discovered love and affection in his care. Hope it worked better for you!

Hari Vishnu said...

yea definitely, chickenpox time allows u to, as u said, 'recollect' ur self.. nice that u spent it as productively as u did,sir :-).

i had chickenpox along with my mom and sis.. and somehow during those days i got even more attached to them thru some way !

Hari said...

Nice that you spent the chicken pox days in productivity, sir...

But you have enough right to be relieved coz you won't get afflicted by the disease again! That's a ray of hope! :D

Viajero said...

Uhhh i dont remember how it was when I had chicken pox (my incredible memory cannot be stretched far beyond 4yrs of age)......getting cared & being tend to is a different kind of a feeling indeed ;)