Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is D ∩ ABC non-empty, atleast?

Let A = {Things which can increase the happiness of the larger society}
Let B = {Things which I'm capable of doing well}
Let C = {Things that I will enjoy doing}
Let D = {Things I'm doing now}

ABC = A ∩ B ∩ C
(∩ denotes intersection)

Questions :

  1. Is D = ABC?
  2. Is D a subset of ABC
  3. Is D ∩ ABC non-empty, atleast?
An attempt to answer these will be in my thoughts for a few weeks from now, and possibly will be the content for my next post here.

Inspirations for the attempt were from a regrouping of few SFI comrades (TK, Naga, Biren and yours truely) at CET last week and a 2005 talk by P. Sainath titled "Globalising Inequality" which I watched yesterday.

(Similarity to the hedgehog circles of Jim Collins is acknowledged. It was Bharat who told me about them first.)


Naga said...

It was indeed a pleasant surprise to hear that you are now the NSS staff co-ordinator at NIT. It was NSS at TKM that brought me to SFI. The TKM Management hated NSS just for the fact that it was supposedly the recruiting ground for new comrades. They tried through many overt and covert measures to scuttle NSS efforts.

However, thanks to Premlet (author of the Engineering Physics 1st year book) and of course the SFI unit we could carry on. He was an inspiration. The kind of activities that we did as part of the 10 day camp consisting of largely freshers.

1. Liason with the Kollam Dist Hospital and get their 'out of order' cots in a truck and take it to the TKM campus. Weld, paint and restore it to its original glory and transfer it back to the hospital.

2. Act as labourers helping a mason in constructing toilet in BPL households as part of the total sanitation campaign of the local panchayat. Oh, the marachini puzhungiyathe that the hosts served us after a tiring day of labour still lingers.

I think it would be acts like these that would inspire the next gen.

Now with Kudumbasree in a lot more structured format, the options shall be manifold.

3. I am aware of a social enterprise initiative of the IIM, K that once caught my eye. May be we could chip in there; again possibly through NSS.

Increasingly, I feel that we could do a lot more at the level of children. There would be government schools nearby. Can we drop in there once in a while and make class rooms lively and interesting for them.

You have a great team alreadly served to you in a platter. Ramuvettan, Murali Sir et al.

I think we ought to shrink our canvas. Set modest targets. Mihir Shah makes this pertinent point in his open-ed in the Hindu on the 21st of Oct. We need a million mini-revolutions. If we dream of a grand revolution, it is quite possible that it remains a pipe dream atleast in our generation. And also what is our role both during and post one such grand revolution if at all it gets enacted in our own lifetime.

Hope I have bored you enough and more.


DeeBaaBoo said...

Hi Deepak,

Keep writing...reading ur blog quite often...

A related link here.


Deepak said...


I'm not the NSS staff coordinator. Not even a member of it yet. In NITC, NSS is almost like a compulsory military training. It is required as per curriculum. Hence its quite a big thing here.

I read the article by Mihir Shah now. Things that i've heard and read off-late have almost made me into a molten state. Every one seems to be hitting the point. I'm just molten.


Nice to hear from you after long time. Read the article you mentioned. Nice one, but highly redundant writing.