Saturday, September 12, 2009

Safdar Sudev

... thus was the little one named on his 28th day since birth.

Safdar is a Farsi word (صفدر). Many around me call it a Muslim name, but I call it a human name of Persian origin. It translates to courageous in English.

All that was incidental. But my affinity for the name was because of the admiration for Com. Safdar Hashmi, the revolutionary and writer who is most known for his street theater movement. Most importantly, his vision of a People's Cultural Movement.

By the way, Safdar was also the name of one of the main characters in the my first (and hither to last) drama. (Thirasseelaykkapuram - which Raghu and I had scripted for NITC Staff Club). I also had a student at GEC Bartonhill with the same name who incidentally happened to be the College Union General Secretary.

Sudev is a mashup of SUdheera (my house name), DEepak and Vinita. It was very difficult for me to accept any special rights as father when it comes to second name.

Sudev, by chance, also happens to be the name of a descendent of Harishchandra and a great grand father of Rama (Info from Sri. Harikrishna, NITC).

So that's how he will be known - Safdar Sudev. At home, we will just call him Aju.

Along with the naming ceremony, there was also the rituals of a noolukettu. Here are the photos and a video.

Safdar 28


Amarnath said...


Excellent selection of name.


Deepak said...

Thanks Amarnath.

bhadra said...

" Many around me call it a Muslim name, but I call it a human name of Persian origin."
gives me a new perspective.thank u sir:).And,Vinita mam lookin lovely in the pics :)

Kavya said...


The name is GREAT in every sence.The reasons are much more...

Deepak said...

Correction :

Persian Word -> Farsi Word

Thanks to Shahid for the correction.

Quoting him :
'Farsi' is more appropriate than 'Persian' -- it's like Americans asking Desis: "So you speak Indian ?".

Aakhil said...
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Aakhil said...

First of all congratz.. even though m a little late to do so....
Moreover Thnx 4 introducin Comrade Safdar Hashmi to me....

Aakhil Jamal

*NB: Hope u remember me.. u wr my Faculty adviser NITC

Deepak said...

Thanks Aakhil.

Ninne njaan raagattinte theruvu naatakattinte idaykke note cheytata.

Ningalute classile mikkavareyum ariyillengilum Aakhil Jamalum, Tharaj Tajum manassil undaavum.

NAK said...

Hello Sir,

I don't know how to explain my feelings when i hear the name of Com: Safdar... A really wonderful selection..and your son is really cute...congrats sir..have a nice time with your family..

Nidhin Chandran

Anu said...

Late to know this wonderful news.....
Hearty Congrats to Safdar Sudev's father and Mother!
All my wishes to Safdar Sudev

Naziya said...

Let me start by being very girlish.. SO cuteeee!! And lovely name. .
He is going to get fed up letting everyone know that he is not a muslim.. :)

Naziya said...

And oh yes, Vinitha teacher is looking gorgeous!