Thursday, November 29, 2007

വേരുകള്‍ തേടി

deepak@kaayaloram:~$ ls /root/
ls: /root/: Permission denied


Jayagovind said...

had stopped checking ur blog after it was stuck at 'ini njan urangatte' for a long time. stumbled upon u somehow today, and got two good e-hours. did help to dig slightly on the sands of routine that is covering my mindscape these days. and now, ha! the fragrance of those flowers that got buried deep down. goodnite.

Deepak said...

Ani, i remember that you too had a blog. But i cannot recollect the address. Can you send me the link?

Naga said...

Reporting from a train to New Delhi from Patna.
This is what I see in this post.
deepak@kaayaloram:~$ ls /root/
ls: /root/: Permission denied

Are Dogs and Biharis not allowed in your blog!!

Had a great time in the field - Went to CHAMPARAN - Yes the place from where Gandhiji started the non-violence struggle. More darkness seems to have engulfed the region.

Keep going,
Naga. said...

onu sudo cheythu veru kandu pidichoode sir? :)